Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Narrate your slideshows with QlipBoard!
Came across Qlipboard ... it provides a neat way to annotate photos with simple drawing tools and/or your own voice. The interface is very easy and user-friendly.

You import your photos into this workspace, then arrange them in the order you want, add your annotations, then publish! Qlipboard is a download and can be added to your computer or you can NOW use Qlipboard online. The look is different than above. It is a simple version of voicethread.

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Constantine Connections said...

Been playing with it but have a few quesitons. On the online version, how do you delete photos once you upload, and...once I make a project, I can't find it on the site when I try to go back to it.

On the downloaded version, can you get a code to embed it... or no since its not online?


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